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Embracing a dash of defiance, BOYEG is determined to change the way office keyboards are designed to accommodate Africans.

Originally, we did not set out to create an unusual African Keyboard. We aimed to develop a convenient way to type in African languages. We needed a computer keyboard that would enable Africans to type at home or in the office, while promoting their languages in a simple and easy way.

We searched for office keyboards and found hundreds, but none were designed for African languages, despite Africa having thousands of languages. While there were a few phone apps, most lacked alphabet characters, and were not user-friendly.

Instead of settling for the status quo, we decided to enhance and design a keyboard that would work for Africans, while still allowing users to type in English and French. This enables us to cater to over 50 countries in Africa whose official language is either French or English. Thus, BOYEG Keyboard was born, so that Africans could type with ease and convenience in an office environment.

If you need to customize office typing in any African language and would like to order on a small or large scale, reach out to us. We hope you will try our product, as we have crafted it with people like you in mind.

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